South Daytona Retail Space for Rent Improves with City Redevelopment Projects

South Daytona Retail Space for Rent

Recent city redevelopment projects over the past few years have helped to improve the retail space for rent in South Daytona, making this area more attractive for potential business owners. The downtown area along US-1 was recognized by the city as a business district in need of redevelopment and beautification, and qualified for CRA grants. During this time, a luxury condominium project was underway (now completely occupied) and the Sunshine Park Mall was soon to become the convenient shopping destination for it’s residents.

South Daytona - a Perfect Place for your Retail Business!

The city of South Daytona has undergone many redevelopments and beautification projects to improve it’s infrastructure and overall curb appeal. The city’s community redevelopment area (CRA) is located along the eastern border of South Daytona, along the Halifax River, and encompasses the Sunshine Park Mall (which is located right in the middle). Below is a map of the area that was approved for CRA grants.

Retail Space for Rent - South Daytona, FL

South Daytona Beautification Projects

Large palm trees, brick paved walkways with large sidewalks, and new light fixtures were added to the US1 corridor. Below are before and after pictures of South Daytona’s recent US1 Streetscape project. The dramatic difference can be seen as you drive down Highway US-1.

South Daytona Retail Space for Rent

Have you visited the Sunshine Park Mall in South Daytona, FL? This retail property, owned and managed by All Aboard Properties, is home to retail stores and commercial businesses of all sizes. This area has made a great comeback and with it, brought many thriving businesses to our area. All Aboard Properties (formerly known as Clark Properties), first purchased the Sunshine Park Mall in 2004. Since then, the mall and plaza has been remodeled as part of a multi-million dollar project to improve, beautify, and restore the shopping mall. It’s our goal to provide one of the premier shopping destinations for our South Daytona, Daytona Beach, and Port Orange residents.

Interested in moving or opening a retail business in South Daytona? View available retail space for lease in South Daytona at the Sunshine Park Mall and check out the city’s page for business assistance and incentives.